RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a type of computer data storage, that enables the data to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. This makes the RAM significantly faster than other types of storage devices including DVDs or HDDs in which all the data must be read to be able to access specific information. In case you have a shared hosting account, the amount of memory which your web apps can use may not be fixed and may regularly rely upon the free memory which is available on the physical machine. With a standalone server, however, there is always a minimum amount of physical memory that will be for your use at all times and will never be allocated to other clients even if it is not being used. This is valid with our virtual and dedicated hosting servers.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS Hosting

If you get a virtual private server through our company, you will have a set amount of RAM readily available always. We set up the VPS accounts on effective hardware nodes with lots of physical memory, so when a new virtual server is set up, the RAM is allocated permanently to it in accordance with the exact features of the particular package deal. We never re-allocate RAM from a VPS that does not use all of its system resources to one that needs more resources, so you'll be able to use the characteristics of your package deal at their full capacity at any time. We set up just a few VPS accounts on a physical server and we ensure that it includes a sufficient amount of memory to allow all the clients on it to upgrade the RAM their web servers are using without affecting the other accounts.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Web Hosting

The amount of RAM that comes with each and every dedicated server which we provide is sufficient enough even for very resource-demanding web applications. The memory will be available for your websites and all other software you install on the server at all times, so if at some point you use just a fraction of the resources that you have, we will never alter the hardware configuration which you have ordered. All of the parts are subjected to testing before the machine is built, including the RAM sticks, to guarantee that you will get a flawlessly working web server that can guarantee the best possible performance for your websites. The amount of physical memory which you have will be listed together with the full hosting server configuration specifications within your billing CP.